Lulabelle’s & Loyalty Bookstore’s Reading Rewards Program

Lulabelle’s & Loyalty Books have teamed up to launch a year-round reading incentive program. The program encourages DC-area youth to make reading a regular habit.

For every 9 books a child reads, they receive a free kiddie scoop as a reward at Lulabelle’s (847 Upshur Street NW), up to 6 free scoops per year.

 Participating is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1.  Pick up a free reading journal at Loyalty Books (827 Upshur Street NW)

  2. Complete the reading journal (a total of 9 books)

  3. Turn the completed reading journal in at Loyalty Books to have it stamped for a free kiddie scoop at Lulabelle’s (847 Upshur Street NW)

Questions about the program? Email

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